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As we move further and further into the future, technological advances allow professional DJ's to create stellar experiences. Being able to not only play music videos, but to mix and scratch them flawlessly while simultaneously crossing over to the next song. Mixing music videos for an audience creates a 3 dimentional atmosphere. This type of party hits the listener with 3 types of stimulants: 


1) The Music

2) The MC

3) Music Videos


 Make no mistake. Adding music videos to a party will absolutely make your party POP OFF, and make your peers never forget.

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No projector screens? No T.V? No problem!

DJ Playa can provide 2 jumbo 55" Flat screen T.V's mounted on heavy duty adjustable tripod stands


With over 20,000 music videos from Elvis to Flo-Rida and everything in between, it's very easy to remain versatile. A vast amount of the videos are in High Definition, bringing the best in video quality and sound. Whether it's watching a brand new video for the first time or dancing to a forgetten music video from way back, there is nothing like a live video mix party.

Here is a great example of a LIVE Top 40 video mix. 



Old School

TOP 40



Club Bangers

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