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     DJ Playa is THAT DJ!  

Growing up in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada, it's quite easy to meet many different types people from all walks of life.

At the early age of 5 years old, DJ Playa had gotten his first turntable. Fascinated by the record and the music that came from it, this sparked his curiosity about sound.

Why did music come from the record? Why does music make people dance?

After discovering the answer, It wasn't long until Dj Playa discovered that Music not only has the ability to bring different types of people together, but it has the power to create long lasting bonds and life long friendships. 

Since Childhood, DJ Playa's passion for mixing music, has evolved into a polished form of talented entertainment. Knowing that this type of power can bring people together from all walks of life and create life lasting bonds, His passion for mixing music has become his Life's DUTY.

DJ Playa's dj career is quite impressive and still continues to flourish.

He has preformed at countless number of concerts such as Nelly, 112, Sean Kingston, Baby Cham, LMFAO, DRU HILL, Lost Boyz, DAX and Many More...
he has met and spoken with the Jacksons.

His club resume is too long to show with hundreds of clubs/bars on the list. He has preformed at almost every major club in Toronto and outside Toronto since 2000.

DJ Playa has been on International tours such as

- The Best Bottom of North America search, (In Jamaica)
- 8 Shows across the United States as the DJ for Cat & Nat (Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and more) 1000-2500 people per show.
- Jamaican Wedding (in Jamaica)

DJ Playa was one of the official Dj's for Bench for several years under

A DJ for Urban Planet stores across the Toronto area.

Known to rock a crowd full of thousands, The Story of DJ Playa is still being written



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