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Video DJ Playa

Every Dj has an origin story. The origin of DJ Playa starts with his love of music from the early age of 5yrs old. From there, the natural progression of a life a music, inspiration and entertainment  has completely transformed into a unique set of skills only expressed on the turntables. 


This Party Smasher of a DJ infuses the very essence of Turntabalism into a smooth mixing style that most DJs aspire to have. On top of that, He does it with music videos!

Being equipped with over 30,000 music videos, it is easy to see that with the technology, mixing skills and high energy personality, DJ Playa is your #1 chance to make your party a raging success

Tour DJ, Concert DJ, Corporate Event DJ, Universities DJ, Colleges DJ, Clubs DJ, Wedding DJ, Event Venues, Bars, Restaurant etc.

DJ Playa is a Canadian DJ based out of Toronto.

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